WORKSHOP: Writing Deeply. Writing Now.
Saturday, January 7th @ Keep St Pete Lit

Do you have terrific writing ideas but have no idea where to start? Or are you compelled to write but lack ideas? Many of the challenges writers face are incorrectly framed. It’s not a lack of ideas or an inability to start, but cognitive dissonance that impedes our ability to create. In this workshop we’ll spend our time together writing a lot, writing deeply, writing now. Through guided prompts and brief discussion, we’ll begin to quiet those voices in our heads and remove roadblocks that prevent us from creative engagement. We’ll explore where resistance comes from and how to remove it from our process. Unlike traditional workshops where sharing and critiquing are essential, this workshop will not include these components. Instead, expect focused time to explore, play, and write--a lot! Be sure you come with paper and pen or laptop computers to embark on a new project you never knew you had in you, or enhance an existing one in exciting and surprising ways.