Do you have a report, article, or manuscript you wish to make better but don’t know where to start?

Are you hankering to write a novel or memoir but lack the discipline and focus?

Are you looking for professional guidance, eager to make your writing—whether it is for work or your own creative edification—the best it can be?

As a published writer myself, I understand how important a creative or professional project can be, and am here to help.


 In my many years of teaching academic, creative, and professional writing, the question I get the most from students and individuals is Where do I start? Writing is a solitary pursuit that requires reserves of self-motivation most of us, quite frankly, lack. We often chock this up to writer’s block, a lack of talent or discipline, a demanding life schedule that doesn’t provide maximum writing time, or a combination of all of these factors. The truth is that what most impedes us from writing has nothing to do with any of this. Ironically enough it's the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from getting down to work.

As a writing coach, I want to help you overcome these challenges and see your project through to completion. I will work with you to identify the following:

  • Roadblocks to getting started;
  • Methods and prompts for beginning and sustaining a writing practice;
  • A calendar with manageable and achievable deadlines;
  • Tricks to bypassing periods of difficulty.

Coaching includes four 30-minute meetings based on your needs and an agreed upon schedule; support and encouragement through on-going email correspondence; goal setting customized to your needs and parameters; and suggested writing and reading assignments for your special project. Though I can accommodate individual schedules, I find this service is most productive in a three-month cycle; I believe in the power of 3s.

Flat fee: $1,200

To get started, send me via email a brief description of yourself and why you think you need a writing coach at this point in your life.

Manuscript consultation

 My approach to manuscript consultations is simple: I aim to understand the intention of a given work, to clarify what it wants to be, and to offer suggestions that are an extension of this understanding. I do not believe in subjecting individual work to some narrow definition of “good” or “bad” writing. My purpose focuses instead on how to make something more authentically better, based on what it already reveals itself to be.

I work with seasoned and novice writers interested in receiving coaching services on creative and professional projects, including novels, short stories, memoirs, and personal essays.

Manuscript consultations include two hour-long Skype/telephone meetings before and after I’ve conducted feedback, margin comments on manuscript (where appropriate), and an extensive written critique that will address craft issues (voice, pacing, structure, etc.) and offer suggestions that work in service to the piece (5-10 pages, single spaced, depending on length of manuscript-in-progress). In rare instances I may also provide publishing and market placement advice.

Flat fee: $2,800 (maximum 12-point font, 400 double-spaced pages; longer manuscript rates to be negotiated with author)

To get started send me via email a brief description of yourself, a one-paragraph description of your project, and two sample pages of your work.

Small Projects

Services are much like those I provide for the manuscript consultation, but for those that prefer the small form (10-30 pages). Do you have a story or essay you'd like feedback on? I'll provide written feedback and guidance.

Rates are hourly, based the size and scope of the project; email me for more information.

Editing and Proofreading Services

 I have worked as a freelance editor and proofreader for several years, and am available to individuals and organizations alike. My clients include ArtsEmerson and the University of Texas System, as well as international development consultants, small business owners, fiction and non-fiction authors, and PhD students.

I believe in the Oxford comma and have the irritating habit of correcting sandwich boards I see on the street. I loathe excessive use of exclamation points and the incorrectly applied all capitalization. I police overuse of bullets, making a great case for extracting them from your reports. I believe spell and grammar check software have made us all a bit more careless and a lot less knowledgeable about the English language than we otherwise should be. Mostly, I love to tinker with words, grammar, and punctuation, and would be delighted to do so with your copy.

For an estimate of services send me via email a description of the project you wish to have edited or proofread, including page number and word count, and a five-page sample. I will then send a flat rate estimate.

* I follow industry standards established by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Private workshops

Would you and group of writing friends like to have your own creative writing workshops, led by a published, award-winning author? Contact me so I can tell you more about this unique opportunity.