NEA has posted grant recipients online at their Writer's Corner page. Honored to be among a such distinguished group of writers.


The magnanimous and marvelous John Coyne at Peace Corps Writers was interested enough in King to take the time to interview me on my writing background and process. Read here.


A sweet article from my alma mater; special thanks to Heather Stephenson for taking the time and being so curious about the book and its genesis.


Many thanks to Megan Harlan for inviting me to contribute to her website Farsickness and its "Four Questions" column. You can read about my preoccupations with place here.


Author Rachel Hall of the forthcoming Heirlooms penned this lovely review of King on The Massachusetts Review blog. Thanks, Rachel!


King is a Chautauqua Prize Finalist! Hooray!


I'm excited to have King included among the finalists in Forward Reviews Indiefab Book Prizes. Read the full list.


New Pages was nice enough to give King a sweet review! Read the lovely piece here.


I'm famous! At least in the the Southtowns of Western NY. Thanks Buffalo News.


King has been entered into the Story Prize. While the odds are strongly against it, the organizers of the book prize are still kind enough to include a small piece of mine on their blog.


Words cannot express how humbled, thrilled, and unbelievably elated (the list of adjectives goes on and on) I am to have been selected for a Literature Fellowship with the National Endowment for the Arts. Read more here.


Many thanks to Lynette D'Amico, author of the fantastic Road Trip and Fiction Writers Review for the opportunity to talk place, politics, and publicity in this author interview.


The American Magazine has published a review of King of the Gypsies; read it here.

Necessary Fiction has also included my essay on the making of the book in their series, Research Notes. Check it out.

And finally, WorldView, the National Peace Corps Association magazine, has excerpted the book in its latest issue. I am honored and thrilled to have a piece of the story, "Manna From Heaven" appear on its pages.